At Maine Tree Growers we grow a variety of conifers for landscaping

We have blue spruce, hemlock, and white spruce in sizes from 4' to 6' and balsam fir from 4' to 8' available this Spring, 2016. We are also offering a limited number of deciduous trees. We will begin fall digging in April. Although most of our trees are sold wholesale, anyone who wants to purchase trees and has the ability to pick them up in Thorndike would experience significant savings over a straight retail purchase elsewhere. You can see our current inventory here. If you have any interest or questions contact us via this website or call Greg at 568-3637.


In addition to natives such as white pine, red pine, balsam fir, white spruce, and eastern hemlock, we offer concolor fir, canaan fir, norway spruce, blue spruce, austrian pine, and scotch pine. MTG is building an inventory of different sizes up to 10' that we sell balled and burlapped in the spring and fall. We fertilize our trees and carefully prune them, to provide the customer with a healthy, properly shaped tree.

If you are interested in learning more about our trees, including price and availability, e-mail us or speak with Greg at 207-568-3637

Fir Trees grown in Maine
Balsam Trees grown in Maine
Fir Trees grown in Maine