At Maine Tree Growers we grow a variety of conifers for landscaping

Because there is sufficient moisture in the soil this year, we are planning on digging trees this spring, starting in April 2022. For those of you who think you need to plant a 10’ tree to get instant height for your screen or specimen, you should consider purchasing the smaller tree. It is our experience that the 4, 5, or 6’ foot tree is more likely to take off and grow aggressively than the larger tree. Additionally, it is more easily handled, and the hole that must be dug is smaller. Whether you are a contractor who needs 20 or 30 trees, or a do it yourselfer looking for something to do around the house during this time of social distancing and want a tree or two, review our inventory, order some trees, drive your pick-up or trailer here to Thorndike, and pick them up. We’ll load them and give you some advice on planting and caring for them.

We grow all of our trees here in the mineral rich, well drained soil of Thorndike, Maine in hardiness zone 5a. By carefully planting the seedlings, fertilizing as needed, and shaping the growing tree, we strive to grow healthy trees with a full but natural appearance. We are a great resource for those who are looking to purchase trees this spring and are able to plant them or arrange for planting - from landscapers to industrious land owners - especially if you can pick them up in Thorndike. We are working toward our goal of building a supply of most all native conifers (except the few, like white cedar, that the deer prevent us from growing successfully) but for now are limited to what is in our Spring inventory.

If you are interested in purchasing trees this spring, contact Greg at 568-3637 for availability and pricing or use the contact feature of this website. You can see our Spring 2022 inventory here.

Fir Trees grown in Maine
Balsam Trees grown in Maine
Fir Trees grown in Maine